By Jack Cunningham

23rd Nov, 2021 | 7:30am

Dan Meis slams Everton during their defeat to Manchester City

Bramley-Moore Dock designer Dan Meis slammed Everton during their insipid defeat to Manchester City on Sunday.

The architect launched into a rant on his personal Twitter account as the Toffees struggled to get out of their own half.

The tweet was sent during the first half of the game against Pep Guardiola’s side when the Toffees barely saw any of the ball, so it was no wonder Meis was frustrated.

He said: “F****** hell…there is another half of this field is there not??”

Meis was furious.

Now, though he doesn’t specifically say anything, you could say that this was a slight dig at Rafael Benitez’s tactics.

The Spaniard clearly set the Toffees up to soak up pressure and try to hit City on the counter-attack, but they lost it immediately whenever they got the ball.

Now, that isn’t Benitez’s fault, he can’t force his team to keep possession, but he set them up to sit in and absorb the pressure.

Meis was clearly frustrated with the tactics, so you could definitely say that he was having a slight dig at Benitez.

Now, no one was expecting the Toffees to rock up at the Etihad and play an open and expansive game because they would have been torn apart, but they could have shown a little bit more ambition.

To be honest, Meis’ tweet probably sums up exactly how many Everton fans felt watching that unfold on Sunday.

They simply have to be better next week against Brentford, and they need a win desperately.

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