By Jack Cunningham

25th Nov, 2021 | 10:10am

Ben Grounds has had his say on Carlo Ancelotti's comments on Everton

Ben Grounds doesn’t believe that Carlo Ancelotti’s comments about Everton this week were a dig at his former club.

The Sky Sports journalist thinks that the comments were directed at the press for their questions about Real Madrid’s squad rotation and keeping everyone happy.

This follows on from Ancelotti appearing to compare the Toffees to a Fiat 500 while stating that Real were a Ferrari [ESPN].

However, Grounds disagrees.

Speaking on his Twitter account, he said: “In no way do I read this as a dig at Everton. More annoyed with the tabloid press for trying to create a story that simply isn’t there.”

Interesting view.

Certainly, the comments appeared to be a dig from the Italian at his former club; however, Grounds makes a good point, and perhaps his comments meant nothing.

Either way, though, we can’t imagine that too many Evertonians were happy when they saw those comments from Ancelotti [Daily Mail].

Remember, he ended the season poorly with the Toffees but looked set to start this campaign as the manager until Real came calling, and he was off.

The way he left the club was pretty brutal, so when he says anything like this, you would think that it could reopen some wounds, especially given the Toffees’ run of form.

So, you can totally see where Grounds is coming from, and Ancelotti probably didn’t mean anything by his comments, but given the way he left Goodison Park, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he annoyed some Toffees fans.

In other Everton news, there has been an injury update on Yerry Mina ahead of the Brentford game.

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