By Beck Pascal

18th Jan, 2022 | 4:00pm

Sam Allardyce says 'yes' to potential Everton return

Ex-Everton manager Sam Allardyce has offered his services to the Blues as they look for a new manager. 

The hunt is on after Rafa Benitez was sacked following a 2-1 defeat to then-rock bottom Norwich City that saw the Toffees drop down to 16th in the Premier League. 

Allardyce showed his support for potential caretaker manager Duncan Ferguson whilst expressing his interest in the job as Everton considered all possibilities before making their move for a replacement.  

“I think that he’s (Ferguson) seen so many managers come through the door since (David) Moyes, he’s learned from all them managers. Now, the only question is can he handle the pressure?” He said on TalkSPORT

“(Being) Caretaker is fine but then if it’s full-time, you’ve got to be able to cope with that pressure and I think that his decisions to employ the people to help him along the way if he gets the job full-time, which I think he deserves, will be crucial to him and crucial to his future.

“Now, I think it’s Duncan’s time and I think he’s ready and if I can help Duncan in any way, shape or form then I’d do that because I think he’s a fantastic guy, he’s Everton through and through and maybe that’s what the club needs at the moment.”

He added “If they needed me to help them out or they felt the need, yes, I would. I wouldn’t say that would be long term because I am not sure that would be right for Everton or for me.”

Under no circumstance

There is no way on earth that Allardyce should be allowed to return to Everton in any capacity. 

Like the Martinez talks, this move would see Everton regress. It would be crazy to try the same methods and expect different results. 

Truthfully Allardyce wasn’t good enough to be the Toffees manager in 2017, desperate times called for desperate measures and he kept the club in the Premier League. 

The Blues aren’t in such sorry affairs at the moment and even if they were, the former West Brom manager wouldn’t be the best short-term fix. 

Everton need someone who understands the values and truly cares about the player, staff and fans of the club.

Duncan Ferguson is somebody who personifies Everton every day and has performed successfully in a similar role on Merseyside in the past.

The team needs an immediate lift and the fans back on board. Let Ferguson steady the sinking ship at Finch Farm until the end of the season and give Farhad Moshiri and co the chance to devise a proper plan rather than the panic we are seeing at the moment.

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