By Saikat Mandal

24th Jan, 2022 | 1:15pm

Robbie Fowler slams Everton philosophy under Farhad Moshiri

Robbie Fowler has criticised the Everton philosophy under Farhad Moshiri, suggesting the entire idea of branding the Toffees as a ‘People’s club’ is an excuse.

He says although it’s an “admirable sentiment”, it is still an excuse to defend themselves for being sub-standard.

In his column for the Mirror, he has questioned the club’s philosophy and he feels more than anything else the club needs a proper structure in place.

Fowler wrote: “I know I will probably get slaughtered for saying this, but I think this whole ‘People’s Club’ is a massive mistake for Everton, and has been dragging them down for years.

“What does it actually mean? It’s hard to know, but I reckon it’s a way of saying they’re not huge and global like Liverpool, not corporate, not Americanised. All admirable sentiments, but not actually making much sense in the modern football world.

“To me, it’s an excuse to get away with doing things in a second rate way. And I think it’s because they’re obsessed with facing off with Liverpool rather than competing with the best clubs in the world.”


It’s hard to agree with Fowler regarding his understanding of the People’s club, as clearly his assumptions are biased and flawed.

Everton is a historic and iconic club and they have had their own share of the journey. It has got nothing to do with being obsessed with Liverpool.

However, Fowler did make some good points regarding the club’s philosophy and structure.

As many as six managers have come and gone, and there’s no clear vision regarding how the club is going to move forward.

The club owner has pumped in loads of money but without a proper structure, Everton look like a ship without its radar.

The Toffees are in the process of appointing their next boss to replace Rafa Benitez, but more than anything else they must have a proper structure in place.

They must hire someone who comes with a clear vision and philosophy, someone who can develop players from the academy and make them top class. It needs fixing right from the core.

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