By George Overhill

11th May, 2022 | 12:11pm

Everton and Frank Lampard will wonder why Steven Gerrard escapes referee comments FA sanction

Everton will have questions over the different reactions from the FA to comments on refereeing performance by Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

The Aston Villa manager was unhappy with Jon Moss in the defeat to Liverpool on Tuesday night (10 May) but is reportedly set to escape punishment from the governing body, according to i News.

The Toffees boss on the other hand was charged following his own comments on Stuart Attwell’s refereeing of the Merseyside derby on 24 April.

After a game filled with strong challenges saw Moss decide against booking a single player, former England captain Gerrard said when questioned after the game said, via a clip posted on Twitter by Football Daily: “No comment, I just hope that it’s [Moss’ performance] looked at. That’s all I’ll say, I just hope it’s looked at.

“Hope. I hope it’s looked at.

“No [I haven’t been to speak to him]… I just hope Jon’s performance is looked at.

“I don’t want to get into trouble, and I don’t want to be sour. We’ve lost the game, Liverpool have scored two goals against us. We need to look at that.

“I don’t want to cover over any cracks but you asked me a question and I said I hope the referee’s performance is looked at.”

When told 51-year-old Moss is set to retire at the end of the season Gerrard replied: “Is he? Good.”

Unequal treatment?

The Toffees, already aggrieved at being on the receiving end of a number of key officiating decisions that have damaged the relegation fight, will likely wonder why that is not seen as an issue where as Lampard’s view of the trip to Anfield was.

After Anthony Gordon was not awarded what looked like a strong claim for a penalty after a clash with Joel Matip that day, Gerrard’s former partner in the Three Lions midfield said, via the Daily Mail: “It is a penalty for me. You don’t get them here. If that was Mo Salah at the other end he gets a penalty.

“I’m not trying to create conflict; it’s just the reality of football.

“I have played in teams in the top half of the league – you get them. That was a penalty for sure. It’s a clear foul.”

He was subsequently charged by the FA as his words were seen to imply bias, attack the referee’s integrity, or bring the game into disrepute.

What seems to be the difference is two-fold, in that while Gerrard heavily implied what he meant he didn’t explicitly say it like Lampard did.

And while the former Chelsea manager stated that Liverpool would have been treated differently from Everton, Gerrard just indicated the referee was poor.

It will hardly satisfy anyone around Goodison but while it is pretty clear what the Villa boss was implying, he could claim he felt Moss’ game should be looked at for how good it is and it would be impossible to actually prove otherwise.

At the same time there appears to be a willingness to accept referees are incompetent, while cracking down on the idea that they could be biased.

While one is in theory more serious than the other, both are still a problem and the latest news won’t do anything on the blue half of Merseyside to assuage doubts over the treatment of the club.

The fact that in both instances the perceived beneficiaries of the officiating is the red half will only make it more infuriating.

In other Everton news, a sporting director from Europe is due to meet club representatives in London today to discuss a potential move for one of his players.

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