By Joe Ellis

9th Jun, 2022 | 8:10pm

Everton could regret new gambling sponsorship if government put ban in place

After many years of over-spending, Everton are in the process of a rebuild and they need money from wherever they can find it right now.

Luckily for the Toffees, they have secured a brand new shirt sponsor for the 2022-23 season onwards with gambling firm taking over from Cazoo.

The news is good for now but according to the BBC, the UK government could ban Premier League sides from having any gambling sponsorship from the 2023-23 season and beyond.

The proposed ban is not yet confirmed but it was included in a draft government white paper with law changes expected to be announced in June.

With 19 of the 20 Premier League sides from the 2021-22 season having some form of gambling sponsor (Norwich City being the outliers), this move could have a huge impact on every team in the division.

But for Everton in particular, it would be a real kick in the teeth of their own making because they had a perfectly acceptable deal with Cazoo which they ended early to pocket the money from

Had they kept on with the car firm, they wouldn’t now face the prospect of having a sponsor for just one lonesome season and then needing to go through it all again in 12 months’ time.

It was already going to be a move that received plenty of backlash and The Big Step’s James Grimes has been one of those vocal against the deal, branding it “massively tone-deaf,” [BBC] but they have gone and made more work for themselves.

Unless the cash from this deal is astronomical compared to Cazoo, then all Farhad Moshiri has managed to do is make things even more complicated when the club is craving for simplicity.

In other Everton news, a mega bid from elsewhere in the Premier League could be on its way to Goodison Park very soon as this international seeks an exit from Merseyside.

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