By Goodison News speaking to Kevin Campbell

24th Jun, 2022 | 8:20am

Sky Sports pundit warns Everton not to delay Richarlison sale with bid incoming

We’re delighted to welcome former Everton striker Kevin Campbell as our exclusive columnist. Each week the former Toffees captain will be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Goodison Park…

Everton should not leave the sale of Richarlison to the last minute and risk being unable to bring players in says Kevin Campbell.

Interest is high in the Brazilian who is looking for a move this summer, with Tottenham and Chelsea the main suitors, and Frank Lampard’s incoming transfer business may hinge on receiving a sizeable fee from his sale.

According to GOAL a bid from Spurs is incoming within days, and while nobody at the club wants to see the Brazilian go Sky Sports pundit Campbell believes that if has to happen it is important to get it done sooner rather than later.

“I think what they’ve got to do is they’ve got to be smart,” he told Goodison News.

“Because what you don’t want is to leave it to the last minute and then you can’t bring anybody in. That’s the difficult part.

“So, big boy pants on, if he’s going, name your price and then if anybody meets it great. If they don’t then you get as near to it as possible.

“It’s that simple because Everton need to do business early and get players integrated, and whatever they’re going to do they do. 

“I think that’s a really important thing if it’s going to happen.”

It is never an ideal situation to lose a key player but the Brazil international wants to make a step up, and after he performed so admirably in keeping the club in the Premier League many would reluctantly accept that.

What is vital for Frank Lampard’s transfer window, and the Toffees’ finances more widely, is that decent value is received for him.

If one of the interested clubs attempts to lowball them into accepting less because of the difficult circumstances around Goodison at the moment then that has to be dismissed, but it could be that holding out for a the absolute maximum return has more of a negative effect if it delays everything else the manager wants to do this summer.