By Sam Stone

21st Sep, 2022 | 8:50am

Bramley Moore Dock Stadium could help Everton bridge new FFP restrictions

Everton could still close the gap to the big six due to their recruitment model and new Bramley Moore Dock Stadium, despite the introduction of a proposed wage cap.

The Times reported (19 September) that a cap is being considered to gradually decrease the wages that clubs can offer players.

On the surface, this cap does favour the bigger teams, with their revenue dwarfing the rest of the Premier League due to their popularity across the world.

The Toffees would be allowed to spend around £155million per season, which puts them on the same level as Wolves, West Ham United and Aston Villa.

However, Everton’s new recruitment model, along with their new stadium could see the Toffees pull away from midtable obscurity and potentially threaten more consistently in the higher reaches of the Premier League.

When the new stadium opens Everton have the chance to be one of the clubs that generate the most money outside the big six, due to the fan base and commercial revenue that can be made across the world.

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Furthermore, the model of signing younger players on an upward trajectory could be another benefit that increases the club’s revenue streams. Amadou Onana is an excellent example of a young player who could develop at Goodison Park and be sold on for double his price tag.

If the Toffees can pick up one or two gems each transfer window then it could be a sustainable way of slowly bridging the gap to the top six.

A salary cap does make life harder for clubs such as Everton and West Ham to really close the gap, but after various financial disaster stories in recent years, it’s understandable why it has been considered.

However, it does feel it has been proposed with the big clubs’ priorities ahead of the rest of the Premier League.