By Pranav Shahaney

28th Nov, 2022 | 10:12pm

Everton defender Conor Coady has landed a soft dig at Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson for his “Daft” line of questioning.

Done with the intention of provoking the Toffees player, Henderson asked him whether he was Red or Blue – indicative of the fact that he was a boyhood Liverpool fan and also was on their books for three years.

Coady decided to get in on the banter and cheekily clapped back at his England teammate for asking the question.

He said on a video shared by the England national team’s Twitter handle, “It’s so poor from him. We have banter all the time and obviously, I’m playing at Everton. He knows, deep down.

“So, for him to come out there and ask that question is daft. I’m blue. Of course, I’m blue. Without a shadow of a doubt and for him to say that, you know what, I’m going to go back there and sit down with him and have a coffee, and give him a bit.

“That’s nowhere near good enough from the big fella.”

Absolutely nailed it

Henderson wanted to embarrass the Toffees man but we’re really impressed with how Coady took it all as a joke but did not remain quiet.

A number of times, players take these things as jokes and do not bite back but it’s refreshing to see him silencing the Liverpool man with that answer.

They do seem to be good friends off the pitch, but on it, they’re arch rivals whenever their teams square off against each other.

A lot was said about Coady’s Liverpool roots before he moved to Goodison Park, but after a few games, he managed to silence all his doubters.

He’s put in performances that even saw him wearing the captain’s armband in a game and it’s clear that the club wants him to sign permanently when his loan spell expires.

Coady has left a mark not just on fans but also players at Everton’s Premier League rivals and that’s a sign that he’s certainly living up to his high expectations.