Frank Lampard is a rare Everton manager who “gets it” and he wouldn’t walk away from the situation if he isn’t backed in January, says Kevin Campbell.

The pressure is mounting on the 44-year-old with every poor result yet the glaring holes in attack are still yet to be addressed amid a transfer policy that appears to be severely lacking, which raises the possibility that he could decide he is on a hiding to nothing if the signings he need aren’t made.

But Campbell, former Toffees captain and BBC Sport pundit, doesn’t believe that is an option the former Chelsea man would take, but is clear that this side needs an injection of goals.

He exclusively told Goodison News: “No I don’t think he would walk away. I think he’s one of the few managers from the last six or so who actually gets it.

“But you can only work with what you’ve got. Everton have to try to bring firepower in.

“No team’s got a God-given right to sign anybody, because there’s other teams who are in the same boat, who need firepower as well.

“Frank Lampard knows he needs it, that’s for sure.

“Goals change games. Strikers change games. That’s why they cost the big money.

“You’ve got to pay them well, you’ve got to pay a good transfer fee, because they change the velocity and the mindset of the club because you’re scoring goals.

“When you’re scoring goals everybody’s happy. When you can’t score you struggle.”

Ahead of the FA Cup third round trip to Manchester United on Friday night (6 January) the questions around a Lampard sacking are getting louder and louder.

But what good that does just before the manager is supposed to be provided with attacking reinforcements is certainly open to question, and the strategic review under Farhad Moshiri is heavily attached to the current boss.

But a week into the January window and still no replacement for Richarlison in sight, there has to be the occasional thought from Lampard that he is being set up to fail at Goodison Park.