By Callum O'Connell

20th Nov, 2023 | 1:10pm

Kieran Maguire shared Manchester City and Chelsea update after Everton point deduction

Kieran Maguire has warned Manchester City and Chelsea that if they are found guilty of financial breaches, there will be no other option than to deliver a points deduction after the Everton punishment.

The financial expert claimed that after Everton were severely punished for their breach, a definitive rule has been set for future reference if clubs are found guilty of financial breaches.

Maguire also claimed that, if the two clubs were not punished relatively to Everton, there would be claims of bias and inconsistency towards the decision-makers.

Maguire was speaking on The Price of Football podcast [20 November] where he explained: “Everton’s argument is that ultimately this is a financial matter, and therefore they felt that a financial penalty was appropriate.

“What is, I think an issue for Manchester City, as they are up on 115 charges, and Chelsea is: they know that should the charges be upheld by any commission, the most likely tariff is going to be a points deduction.

“So if they thought it would be a financial penalty, I cannot see that happening. We now have a definitive rule, and I can’t see why any other commission would take an alternate view going forward, because otherwise there would be accusations.”

No way around it

Since Everton were handed their punishment, there has been plenty of speculation as to what will happen to Manchester City especially as they are being investigated for 115 breaches of financial rules, while the Toffees were so harshly punished for just one.

Now that a points deduction has been given, there appears to be no other option than for that to be a blanket punishment with differing levels of severity based on the outcome of the investigation into the breaches.

The Premier League have set a precedent for the future, with Everton used as a possible deterrent to other clubs involved in similar situations, with City heading that list, and we will see whether they are punished severely in accordance with this decision.

Chelsea are yet to be charged with any breaches, but reports have claimed an investigation could be underway due to previous inconsistencies, which would drag them into the mix alongside their fellow super-rich club.

In other Everton news, Alan Myers has slammed the excessive and disproportionate punishment.