By Callum O'Connell

20th Nov, 2023 | 2:10pm

Kim Johnson contacts Everton amid Premier League appeal process

Kim Johnson, the Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, has reached out to Everton to offer her support in their appeal against the recent Premier League point deduction.

Johnson claimed the punishment delivered for breaching financial rules was disproportionate and unfair as the club announced its intention to appeal the decision.

Everton were given a 10-point deduction by an independent commission for breaching Financial Fair Play rules, knocking them back into the relegation zone amid plenty of uproar.

Johnson shared the update via her personal Twitter account where she was asked to speak out on the issue, claiming: “I have contacted Everton to offer my support in their appeal against what I believe is a disproportionate and unfair deduction of points.”

Plenty of lobbying against the decision

With the backing of a government official behind their claims, as well as plenty of clamouring from fans and other people within football, Everton’s appeal against the decision made by the independent panel appears to be gathering plenty of support.

Whether they are successful or not, the general consensus from those around the club is that the punishment was overly harsh, severe, and disproportionate to the level of the financial rule breach they were found guilty of.

It appears relatively clear that the Premier League and the independent panel have used Everton as a yardstick and set a precedent for any future issues of this type, largely with a focus on Manchester City and their ongoing investigation, to establish a history of harsh punishment.

Many feel that this is unnecessary, and Everton will appeal in an attempt to have the punishment reduced, but whether they will be successful in that appeal will remain unknown for a while to come.

In other Everton news, Alan Myers has slammed the decision on Twitter.