By Dan Carter

21st Nov, 2023 | 11:40am

Everton appeal timeline emerges already with Toffees unable to present new evidence

No new evidence will be allowed when Everton appeal their points deduction, with the timeline of the process now emerging, according to The Times.

The newspaper reported on its website on Monday (20 November) that the Toffees’ appeal against the Independent Commission’s judgement will be heard and concluded by a brand new panel before the end of the 2023/24 Premier League campaign.

While Sean Dyche’s side will have hopes of reducing or changing their punishment having been adjudged to have broken the league’s profit and sustainability rules, they will not be able to submit any new evidence during the appeal to change the panel’s mind.

Tough ask

It seems tough to imagine how Everton will be able to change another panel’s mind over this point deduction if the Toffees are unable to present the new board with any new evidence, as they will see exactly the same findings that the original independent commission adjudged to be worthy of a 10-point deduction.

There seems to be very little argument from anyone in the football world that the Toffees did break the rules of the Premier League, the main source of unhappiness seems to be the punishment handed out which feels rather excessive for the crime committed.

The hope for Everton will be the fact that the vocal outrage over their point deduction could well see a new panel knock a few points off following the appeal if they, like most of the footballing community, believe that a 10-point deduction was a bit too steep.

One blessing for the Toffees and their supporters is that this should all be completed before the end of the season, which will hopefully mean Everton’s fate will be decided as a result of their performances on the pitch rather than being relegated in a courtroom months after the season concludes.

Hopefully, the new panel see a bit more reason and help Dyche’s side through this difficult period, but until then, they have to keep winning on the pitch to give themselves the best chance of staying up.

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